Communication Techniques and Relationships

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There are a lot of communication techniques that are proven effective in enhancing one’s communication skills but know how, when and in what situation to apply those techniques are another question. One more thing that must be looked into by people who wish to develop their personal communication skills is what specific type of techniques in communication they should learn that would fit their kind of relation.

Knowing the best communication style

Depending on what type of communication a person has with that he wanted to developed, there are appropriate techniques that suit that kind of relationship. Not all type of techniques work to all types of relationship. But as a general rule, majority of these techniques more often than not, are applicable to most situations under certain circumstances. However, there are certain reminders and precautionary measures that must be seriously taken into consideration when choosing what type of techniques to be used in enhancing one’s communication skills.

Among the common techniques that work to most of situations and types of relationships are those methodologies that use positive and yet simple tools to develop a positive and consistent results at the end. No matter we deny it, more often than not, most people tend to prefer negative way of addressing things but these are proven to create a negative result than negative one. This is so true to most of relationships from romantic relationships to relationships within the family as well as even in corporate world between employees and bosses.

Right way of communicating within the family

Within the family, when calling the attention of the kid who made a fault by committing repetitive misbehavior, the typical response of parents is to tell the child not to repeat the bad behavior. For example a boy for several times had slammed the door causing irritating noise around the house. The common response of parents to this kind of situations is to tell the child “Do not slam the door”. Being a child, taking into account the principle of conditioning, the child only takes not of the phrase “slam the door” so all the more the parent tell the same phrase all over again, the child tend to instill to his mind the phrase “slam the door” and thus the repetitive misbehavior. In order to eliminate the unwanted behavior, it is best to tell the child what to do and not what shouldn’t be done.

The parents’ response to this situation must be directed towards the desirable behavior and not to focus on the unwanted one. So the parent must say “please gently close the door after you open it” so even if the child forgets some part of the reminder, it is likely he will remember the phrase “gently close the door”.

This is only one of the many communication techniques that are proven to improve relationships.