Knowing Communication Definition

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The true test of communication does not lie on how effective you are in delivering or conveying what you want to convey to the other person on the other end of the communication line thus, in order to fully understand what communication really means, one must know the genuine communication definition in the first place. For some people, communication is about the transfer of idea one person to the other. But the true essence and meaning is beyond this definition and cannot be contained in one single and plain definition.

The power of effective communication

On the other hand, communication skills is the ability of a person to transfer his thoughts, ideas and set of information he or she wants to share to people in a manner that is being understood by the person on the receiving end. With this definition, it would seemed to us that many still have to master the art of communication and that there a lot of skills that must be practiced before they can say that they were able to get familiar with the true essence of communication.

Technically speaking, there are actually several types of communications. Each of these types is applicable to certain situation under certain conditions. Among the most common types of communication that exist in the day-too-day life of people are downward communication, horizontal communication, upward communication, communication; crosswise communication, and verbal written communication, among others.

Each of the type has seven elements that must be taken into consideration to be able to arrive at a better relationship. Communication barrier is considered as the eighth element of communication that is also equally important in all situations.

Benefits of communication skills

Good communication skills are not only applicable to corporate world and in dealing with our colleagues in the workplace as other people would think of. What people failed to realized is the fact that all relationship must be based in a good communication. No matter what type of relationship you are into right now, effective communication skills are needed to have a healthy relationship or nourish an existing relationship and keep it stay for longer period of time.

It is true that it’s easier said than done, but at least, you have tried somehow and exerted your effort in making a difference in the relationship you have right now. You can only achieve a healthier relationship by knowing the basics in communication and this always starts with the right knowledge in the communication definition.